Monthly Archives: August 2014

Didgeridoo First Aid – Repairs Cracks & Fractures in your Didgeridoo

Today I would like to share a great post about didgeridoo repairs that appeared on The Didgeridoo Breath blog. Please note that this is their content and be sure to check out their website and projects! G’day you mob! Hopin’ you’re all having a whale of a time out there ☺ Today we want to […]

In Between Songs DVD arrived finally!

I finally received my DVD copy of the documentary In Between Songs, by Joshua Bell. I backed this project in Kickstarter and have been patiently and anxiously waiting to receive the final result. I was lucky enough to see a digital preview of the movie some time ago and it is definitely worth to have […]

Artiva-te in FATT Festival 1

Without much words, this post is just to share some images from the three super intense days we lived taking Artiva-te project to FATT Festival. For now just a word of thank you to the group, to all our supporters, to all the partners, to the parents, to the Portuguese Didgeridoo Association and to the warm […]