Daily Archives: September 25, 2014

Academia Walkabout nas Lameiras – apresentação

Retirado do blogue da The Walkabout Family Hoje apresentámos, finalmente, a Academia Walkabout na Animateca das Lameiras, depois de, na semana passada, termos cancelado a apresentação por causa da chuva. Foi uma sessão animadíssima e com espetadores de todas as idades. Vamos ver quantos jovens se juntam a nós ao longo das próximas semanas!

“But most families do have a didgeridoo”

Another great sharing by Guan Lim from iDidj in his Youtube channel. “But most families do have a didgeridoo”, 1960s Gunabidji people, north-central Arnhem Land This was recorded in the vicinity of the mouth of the Liverpool River in the early 1960s – near what is now known as Maningrida community – on the coast […]

How to play DIDGERIDOO! Video CD

Termite Sunny is a russian didgeridoo player and teacher that is launching an ambitious tutorial project in a Crowdfunding campaign. Check it out and if you consider about acquiring an extensive didgeridoo learning program, this might be your chance! 7 hours Video CD to learn all people on Earth to play australian didgeridoo fast and […]