Bush Medicine

An aboriginal woman, Cherry Daniels, 68, speaks about how Bush Tucker or Bush Food helped to improve her diabetes.

A 6 minute trip into bush medicine in Northern Territory, Australia.

Just one more great work from the Skinnyfish Music.

Skinnyfish Music is a Darwin-based company which records and promotes the work of indigenous musicians. The fundamental philosophy behind this business is to empower indigenous Australians to generate and pursue their own creative and economic activity.

Established 14 years ago by Mark Grose (Managing Director) and Michael Hohnen (Creative Director), Skinnyfish Music works in partnership with artists and their communities to produce music by, about and for them, and to take their music to the wider world.

The company’s aim is to provide opportunities for and to nurture the talents of artists who hail from communities across Australia and the region from Timor to Tasmania – through recording, distribution, publishing and performance.


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