Bush Medicine

An aboriginal woman, Cherry Daniels, 68, speaks about how Bush Tucker or Bush Food helped to improve her diabetes. A 6 minute trip into bush medicine in Northern Territory, Australia. Just one more great work from the Skinnyfish Music. Skinnyfish Music is a Darwin-based company which records and promotes the work of indigenous musicians. The […]

Letting some didgeridoos go… 1

The Walkabout Family is leaving Portugal. We are moving to London because I was offered a place at Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s course on Leadership. Since this involves a very big change and some challenges, we are starting a detachment process so we can concentrate all energies in this new adventure. The first […]

FATT Indoor, uma celebração do didgeridoo no Porto

Vem aí o FATT Indoor, um pequeno festival de didgeridoo organizado pela Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo que promete ser um momento alto do ano! Um pequeno festival de didgeridoo na entrada da Primavera, em contexto urbano, no Porto, com uma presença internacional, ênfase na divulgação da cultura aborígene e um showcase daquilo que se faz […]