2015 in review 2

At the end of each year I like to look back and see what happened, the places I’ve been, the works I have done, the experiences I’ve been through. It is a way of reflecting on the relevant moments and experiences of the year, good and not so good ones and get the balance of […]

Didgeridoo Wows Cows 2

Andrea Furlan is an italian didgeridoo player and maker living in England. He has been making some very interesting fiberglass didgeridoos with fabrics from several countries, the sound and look of these instruments is very cool, I recommend a visit to his website to see more about him and his work. Here I would like […]

Na Antena 1 e 3 – Mais Novos do Que Nunca

Há tempos recebi um email com um convite do jornalista Pedro Rolo Duarte para participar no seu mais recente programa de rádio Mais Novos do Que Nunca. O que faz uma nova geração de portugueses, que vive “fora da caixa”? Têm projetos, sonhos, ideias. Criam. Viajam. Fazem voluntariado. Inovam. Uma geração que sabe que o […]

Mini concert for families 1

Music exists for the audience. Each musician has a target audience. I particularly love to play for kids and families, among others… Saturday, March 14th, I was lucky enough to participate in a very nice project called “Música pra ti” (Music for you) by CCB, Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon. This project created by […]