Didgysnake Didgeridoos

Here is a small video showcasing the last Didgysnake didgeridoos I have with me. Made by Daniel Matos, a portuguese artist living in Switzerland, those instruments are inspired by Marko Johnson’s Didgeboxes. In this video you can see the evolution in Daniel’s work, the very first instrument on the video was among the first Didgysnake […]

FATT Indoor, uma celebração do didgeridoo no Porto

Vem aí o FATT Indoor, um pequeno festival de didgeridoo organizado pela Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo que promete ser um momento alto do ano! Um pequeno festival de didgeridoo na entrada da Primavera, em contexto urbano, no Porto, com uma presença internacional, ênfase na divulgação da cultura aborígene e um showcase daquilo que se faz […]

World Rhythms for Didgeridoo Course

AJ Block from Didge Project are hosting an exciting program that you should know about. World Rhythms for Didgeridoo is a FREE online course that will show you exactly what it takes to develop a wide palate of musical rhythms on your instrument. Drawing on music from Africa, Cuba, Brazil and the Middle-East this class will get […]