Other inspirations

No Reino Secreto dos Bijagós

Integrado no Ciclo Próximo Futuro, a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian vai apresentar, dia 15 de Setembro, pelas 21h30, a estreia mundial do documentário No Reino Secreto dos Bijagós. Coprodução: LX Filmes / Programa Gulbenkian Próximo Futuro Documentário de Sana Na N’Hada e Luís Correia O Arquipélago dos Bijagós situa-se na costa ocidental de África e pertence […]

Would you travel the world for your country?

There is a portuguese guy traveling around the world with a mission about Portugal and for Portugal. www.AndreLeonardoTour.comWORLD TOUR PART 6.This time South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile).André is travelling around the world tour on a social expedition. He aims to report inspiring stories of people that make it happen to inspire other people […]

Guess the Brand – Portuguese style marketing

Portuguese people are known for their entrepreneurship and “desenrascanço”, the ability to find solutions when needed with the available resources… Today I saw this outdoor advertisement and I loved it. Grelhados means grilled food. Can you see something weird here? I’m sure you guessed it: a restaurant used an old Bluckbuster sign to make themselves […]