Concert in Vilnius and damaged Didgeridoo

Everything was arranged for my first visit and concert in Lithuania.

The Portuguese-Lithuanian Cultural Association arranged everything with the Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro Akademija and my concert-seminar was scheduled for the 30 of November at 6:30pm.
In Frankfurt I was trying to find my bag because it wouldn’t be nice to loose it on the day of the concert.

 When we arrived the PVC tube inside the blue tissue of the bag was broken and the bell of the paper didgeridoo had been smashed

 I was difficult to see this but paper didgeridoos are easy to repair so I used the strap I had put on the bag to repair the bell for the concert later that night.

 I started, as always, with my Yidaki as a symbol of my thankfulness to the aboriginal people.

 And after I was sharing my ideas and believes about this instrument and my passion about making didgeridoos with paper.

 It was nice room with a lot of people really interested in didgeridoo and the aboriginal culture.

 After we had a jam session with teachers from the school on the piano and organ and some musicians from a folk group. It was great to play with these people and kinds of music.

 In the end people were really enthusiastic about sharing ideas and comments and learning more.

 It was a great night and I’m thankfull for all the people who joined us and made this possible.

When back in Portugal I knew something more could happen to the paper didgeridoo because the bag was no longer with it’s full integrity. Even I tried a new way of packing but the flight was too bad for the bag and the instrument.

 And so it was:
Paper – 0 ; Eucalyptus – 1

It’s a shame the artwork has been damaged but both didgeridoo and artwork are possible to be repaired.
It was a great weekend in a great country.
To be continued, soon I hope!

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