Crowdfunding Project Follow Up 1

One week preparing the project, 45 days of online life and loads of energy put into sharing and letting people know about it, almost two weeks waiting for the tools, some were no longer available, some got more expensive, then delivery problems which forced me to go and get them. After all this here are the first tools.

10 years waiting for this moment! 10 years is a long road.

Bandsaw, angle grinder, dust collector, orbital sander and air compressor for now. Tho shop owner offered me the hear protections (I will give you something for you to work better, he said).

It seemed like Santa Claus was coming to my workshop! All the boxes inside the van with brand new tools to explore.

 The bandsaw was perfectly packed only in cardboard.

 The face of an happy guy. I took quite a long time to go through this moment just for the fun of feeling it. I waited for it for 10 years. I have been working a lot for this to happen and now with the help of a lot of people I made it. I’m so thankful!

 Then came the time to study the owner’s manual, loads of small tunings and things to prepare before starting to try it. I had this oak log that had previously been worked with an woodworking disk so I tried with it.

 The first cut was neat and easy to make. It felt like cutting pine against the grain!!!

The first and second cuts went fine and by the third I almost ruined the work as I went too deep. But this is just part of the process!

Now the work will be in pause for some days as I’m outside of town working on the final final details of a theater show.

The arbortech disk and some more titebond glue are already ordered and should be arriving this or next week. I two weeks I will be out of the world crafting didgeridoos!

I will keep my followers updated with more information. Unfortunately some of the rewards (badges, t-shirts and prints) are more delayed than I would like it to and I’m sorry for that as I really want to send them to the people who helped me to make this 10 year old dream come to life. Dreams can be made true, all you must do is believe a lot and work work and work a little more to make it!

Here’s a small inspiration for this..

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