Didgeridoos de papel em Vilnius

Some images from today’s workshop in Artoteka, a art center in Vilnius.
This workshop was organized by Audrius Kliševičiusthat knew I was coming Lithuania so he contacted me to make something in Vilnius. Audrius is a musician and he is also making didgeridoos, I believe he is one of most active didgeridoo enthusiast in Lithuania.

Some of the rolls I brought from Portugal, the picture is not clear but inside those there are more.

Audrius, Vydunas and Sonata were the first to arrive.

And soon they was already having all the fun selecting the rolls.

The Laima joined us.

A didgeridoo made by Audrius that he brought to show me.

The cat was a nice company all through the workshop.

Watching the class working.

It was a very nice workshop.
Thank you Audrius and Artoteka.

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