I started to make didgeridoos because I couldn’t find good instruments to play and learn in Portugal.

As soon as I could I started buying didgeridoos worldwide from great crafters and shops like Aboriginal Arts (Holland), Aboriginal Arts (UK), Ant Scott (UK), Serious Sticks (Switzerland), Andrea Ferroni (Italy), Chad Butler (USA), Ben Hicks (USA), Marko Johnson (USA), Geoff Frost (USA), Didjshop (Australia), Kristian Benton (Australia), iDIDJ (Australia) and the great master Djalu Gurruwiwi.

Through this I was learning and refining my crafting technique with all the inspiration and respect for those instruments.


Currently I offer instruments made by

  • Agave
  • Soft and Hardwoods
  • Traditional Yidaki selected by Jeremy Cloake in Yirrkala.
When your are selecting a didgeridoo please take some aspects in consideration:
  • if you’re looking for a professional or beginner’s instrument
  • if you want to play contemporary or traditional techniques
  • if you want a lower, higher  or medium note
  • if the toot’s tuning is important
  • which character you’re looking for for, a soft and “rounded” instrument or rather loud and aggressive
  • if the instrument is meant for traveling, size and weight
  • if the material in which it is made is important for you
All the instruments are tuned by me but variations occur between musicians.