Didgysnake Didgeridoos

Didgysnake creations

Didgysnake creations

Here is a small video showcasing the last Didgysnake didgeridoos I have with me.

Made by Daniel Matos, a portuguese artist living in Switzerland, those instruments are inspired by Marko Johnson’s Didgeboxes.

In this video you can see the evolution in Daniel’s work, the very first instrument on the video was among the first Didgysnake Daniel made. Then he evolved for the second and third on the video with the leather handle and better mouthpiece.

One day we met, daniel was showing me his work and I challenged him to take it further and make more like he really knows how to so he created some of the most amazing travel didgeridoos I have seen using different woods and techniques.

You can also find his solar burning made with a contact ball. Daniel is also a juggler.

If you are interested in any of these instruments please send me an email at rodrigo@rodrigoviterbo.com

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