Fundraising Giveaway!

The Walkabout Family is going for a big adventure, we will spend the next two years in London. If you want to participate in it, read here how to!

The challenge will be bigger since I’m going to study, but we want to face the challenge as a family. We have been trying several ways of fundraising: applying for scholarships, selling everything we have, organizing fundraising concerts, etc.

Now it’s time for a giveaway! This will be similar to one I created to help Francisco when he was fighting his cancer. If you want to participate in our adventure by giving a contribution you can enter this giveaway to get the chance to win one of three prizes!

In it for you we have:

  • 1 Paper didgeridoo from my personal colection
  • 1 Ticket for FATT Festival gently donated by Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo
  • 1 Pair of australian hardwood clapsticks

The process is simple: each person that wants to help contacts me by email to receive my bank or paypal details, then makes a deposit of 2 euro on my account and sends the confirmation receipt by my email to enter one “ticket” for the raffle. If you want more tickets to get more chances of winning you can make deposits of multiples of 2 like: 2 euro – 1 ticket; 20 euro – 10 tickets and so on!

Here is my email: rodrigo . didgetc @ gmail . com (without spaces of course!)

  • The raffle will be finished on July, 9th by 12 pm, Lisbon time.
  • The participations will only be valid after sending the confirmation to my email until the moment of the end of the raffle.
  • Participations must be made in Euros and in absolute numbers of 2, 4, 6, and so on, this means that if you transfer 11 you’ll be entering for 5 tickets.
  • Each ticket will be given a number and the winner will be drawed on
  • The winner is responsible for the payment of shipping of the prize (picking it in person prefered!)

Please contact me if you have any questions! Please note that this is not a formal raffle, please just participate if you are somehow excited or inspired with our project and therefore you want to participate.

With the support of Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo!

APD logo

List of participations:

1 – 10 Gu Fi (10 tickets – newsletter promo)

11 – 16 Fe Re (6 tickets – newsletter promo)

17 – 36 Iv Ma (20 tickets – newsletter promo)

37 – 56 Jo Ma (20 tickets – newsletter promo)

55 – 104 Da Ca (50 tickets)

105 – 107 Di Sa (3 tickets)

108 – 109 Ha Pe (2 tickets but this participant said that they don’t want to keep the prize)

110 – 119 Iv Ma (10 tickets)

120 – 121 Da Ma (2 tickets)

122 He Lo (1 ticket)

123 – 127 Pa Ja (5 tickets)

128 – 130 Pa Br (3 tickets and he wants the giveaway to restart if he wins)

131 – 135 Al Ro (5 tickets)

—– First contest happened, now we go for second round —–

136 Ma Se (1ticket)

137 Le Se (1 ticket)

138 Ra Ba (1 ticket)

139 – 143 Ru Ti (5 tickets)

144 – 148 Ru Du (5 tickets)

149 – 153 An So (5 tickets – If the ticket goes to her, she wants the raffle to carry on!)

154 – 163 APD (10 tickets)

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