How to play DIDGERIDOO! Video CD

Termite Sunny is a russian didgeridoo player and teacher that is launching an ambitious tutorial project in a Crowdfunding campaign.
Check it out and if you consider about acquiring an extensive didgeridoo learning program, this might be your chance!

7 hours Video CD to learn all people on Earth to play australian didgeridoo fast and effective!

       My name is Termite Sunny. Im a didgeridoo musician and teacher.
      Didgeridoo is an ancient australian aborigenal musical instrument.
Last few years i’ve learned a lot from the best didgeridoo-musicians around the world and finally created my own way how to teach people play didgeridoo!
I decided to put all my knowledge to Video CD “How to play didgeridoo”
It will last 7 hours (10 Gb of straight info)! It’s for beginners, for medium and advanced level musicians, and will be enough for 2-3 years of learning and practicing! It will goes on english, plus french subtitles. Anyway it will be easy and simple for understanding for people from any country.
It will be available on a disc (for whatching on your computer), or for whatching it on-line.
Im sure this product will help people around the world to find out what didgeridoo is, and become a real didgeridoo musicians

        termite sunny tutorial

Video CD «How to play Didgeridoo»
Content :
-How to choose a didgeridoo, how to make a basic sounds
-Different ways of circular breathing
-More than 200 rhythmes!
-Special exercises to develope your tonque, cheecks, lips and etc!
-Contemporary style; wobbles, “toots”.
-Didgeridoo and beatboxing
-Intensive video-workshop from  Beatbox сhampion
-Special effects while playing didgeridoo
-How to build a composition; how to improvise
-Questions and answers
and more and more!

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