Jonny Cope teaches you to play didgeridoo

Jonny Cope is launching a didgeridoo course at Udemy. Jonny was one of the teachers we brought to Portugal for one of the Residência de Didgeridoo, organized by Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo. He is a great teacher and a great person so if you like online tuition you should consider this chance.jonny cope

The amazing sounding didgeridoo he is playing in this video was made by me some time ago and it’s a great cherry wood and carbon fibre instrument that is a treat to play. I was super happy to see it in these videos.



Full tuition series starts with 65 lectures and will continue to grow.
Once you sign up and pay the course fee no more will be due for any extra content added. Price fixed for lifetime access to all the content!

If you’ve read this far and want to jump in then here’s a SPECIAL 30% OFF VOUCHER for you! Valid for the first 50 and until Xmas day 2014!!

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