Making Paper Didgeridoos

Construcao Didge 02

Traditionally made from an eucalyptus tree branch that was hollowed out by termites, the didgeridoo can also be made from a variety of materials.

Having in mind that the didgeridoo is an air column that is defined by the material that the instrument is made of, I developed a technique of making didgeridoos from toilet paper rolls.


We start by putting the rolls together top with top until we get a cylinder made of paper. After we’ll improve the shape of that cylinder using new cuts and gluings and when we’re happy with the shape we will give it strength by adding layers of newspaper with white glue. In the end we’ll varnish the instrument we created.


  • recycling of day-to-day materials we create a functional instrument we can play and learn on
  • the work on areas like team work, ecology, musicality, plastic arts, concentration
  • it works perfectly with families, in groups the parents share with their kids the pleasure of creating an original musical instrument
  • in the moments the glue must dry I teach how to play, speak about the aboriginal culture and explain other ways and materials of making didgeridoos
  • for it’s characteristics this workshop can be used as a Team Building Exercise for corporate events

Work conditions

  • advised groups of 12 people, 6 groups of 2 students who build 6 didgeridoos, because the technique is so simples, the participants can make another didgeridoo when they go back home
  • 3 to 6 hours of work
  • the place where the workshop happens must be ready to the use of glue and water
  • it is perfect in outdoor conditions

Construcao Didge 05

Some words from one of my students, my friend Marc-John Brown, from Scotland:

I did Rodrigo’s didgeridoo making workshop in Berlin in 2011. First of all I was highly surprised at the fact somebody could make didgeridoos from what seemed to me like just paper!We then went on to begin constructing our own didgeridoos from toilet roll tubes. Rodrigo was present all the time to give guidance and advice. His enthusiasm for the art was fervent and flowed so predominantly from every word he uttered to us. He has a real ability to tune into the moods and needs of every single person who attends his classes – the true sign of a real “person’s person.”

These amazing qualities are exactly what has allowed Rodrigo to master what he does. I place him up there amongst the very highest professionals in the world of contemporary didgeridoo.


Although I still haven’t put the finishing touches to my revolutionary “paper” didgeridoo, I know that one day I will. I know that all I need is to spend five or ten more minutes in the loving company of Rodrigo and my batteries and enthusiasm will have been completely recharged!


The didge’ making workshops are a real novelty and eye opener, for both the didgeridoo novice and the seasoned player.


You will NOT be disappointed after attending!