Mouthpiece repair

Today I was working on a didgeridoo made from a didgeridoo maker whose work I have been knowing more and more through the years: me. ehehehehe
This didgeridoo was sold to a big friend that sold it later to another one.
Now it came back to my hands to have a well deserved mouthpiece repair.
The instrument is made from poplar and it has a very nice sound, it was the first wood didgeridoo I ever made! The mouthpiece was beautifully turned on a lathe by a lathe artist. You can notice that the piece is oval and not circle, and you can notice also how the edges are sharp and neat. The sharpness of the edge that touches the mouth was always a problem and that is why the first owner of the didgeridoo applied the beeswax on the outside.
Today I was cleaning and checking how everything is, tomorrow I will continue.

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