My next step

In the last years I have been making an effort to create a quality didgeridoo scene in Portugal that can support the growth and development of more didgeridoo musicians, builders and teachers at a professional level. With this in mind I have been hosting “how to play” workshops, “how to build” workshops, events with portuguese and international players, school presentations and encouraging the didgeridoo to communicate with other areas and instruments.

In 2006 I was starting to prepare a workshop to make and repair didgeridoos in my town, Porto, but I was forced to abandon this place. With all my tools stored in a garage I ended up creating an alternative way of making didgeridoos using toilet paper rolls. This new discovered method of construction happened to be an excellent learning tool for both kids and adults.

The Paper towel Method of didgeridoo construction has served as an experience which I have been sharing as an example of how we can always solve the problems that lie before us. I am focused on increasing the availability of quality instruments in Portugal and in order to move forward with my collected wood and new workshop space I will need:
– a professional Bandsaw (euro850)
– a professional Woodworking Disk (euro150)
– a professional Dust Collector (euro278)
– a professional Angle Grinder (euro60)

The prices shown are based on machinery which meets the minimum requirements for me to move forward.

For those who want to help me taking this very important step we are preparing:
– a webpage in my website with the name of all the supporters
– a Didgetc pin
– a t-shirt celebrating this moment with every supporter’s name
– copies of my “Aprender a Tocar Didgeridoo” CD
– a comemmorative print of the “Before the Bandsaw”
– a comemmorative print of the “After the Bandsaw” – both prints will be limited editions, numbered and made by Sandra Neves
– a pack of 3 didgeridoo lessons

For those who are thinking about buying a didgeridoo this is a great opportunity as, with the previous items you can get:
– a didatic didgeridoo so you can start learning OR, as an alternative I will replace the mouthpiece of one of your didgeridoos with a better one
– an agave didgeridoo
– a wooden didgeridoo with bag made by Elfic Urban Wear

As soon as this project starts I will check the details (like t-shirt size, choosing your didgeridoo, etc) with the supporters.

For donations, more details and updates please check this link.

Thank you for watching and reading and a huge thank you to all the people who have been helping me with this project!

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