Olive wood didgeridoo in F 1

My first try at olive wood in didge making!

A short but strong instrument in F.
Very nice backpressure and volume.
The toots are really easy to hit!

The mouthpiece was shaped and sculpted in poliurethane resin for the best comfort of the lips. Both inside and outside were protected with water based varnish.

Drone: F+20
Toots: G+20, E-40, A+20
Please keep in mind that these values always depend on the player, for more information on tuning didgeridoos please read http://www.wetdidgeridoo.com/didgeridoos/tuning/

Lenght: 136 cm
Mouthpiece: 2,8 cm (inside)
Bell: 8×7 cm (inside)
The bell end is signed and numbered RVLCD#04.
RVLCD stands for Rodrigo Viterbo Low Cost Didgeridoos. Please check the following link for more information about my RVLCD: https://sites.google.com/site/rodrigoviterbodidgeridoo/shop/wood

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