Paper copy – second post

Today I went to check the result of the work published on the previous post…
The material was strong on the part that weren’t damaged, PVA seemed not to be perfect to glue this material, next time I will try to make a thinner shell, maybe just one layer of paper and then take it out of the model so I don’t need to glue the halves with PVA and just glue them with another layer of paper.
this was the look of the damage I spoke before, not nice!

i cut all loose fibers and tried to make the best from what I had

hold everything in place and start applying a new outside layer to cover up the broken point. 

we covered up the most we could, tomorrow we turn the instrument carefully and finish the other side

a new layer was applied all over the cut to make it stronger.
Next steps:
– turn the instrument and repeat this process on the opposite cut
– apply one or two outside layers on the whole body to make it stable.
– varnish the inside

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