Paper didgeridoo in a didgeridoo festival

This year was avery special FATT Festival edition for me!

First because I went with the project Artiva-te for a show in a stage where Wild Marmalade, Señor Markusen, Zalem et Adele, Khayalan Trio and other great artists was passing by. After 8 months since they first heard about the didgeridoo, these teenagers went on stage and was shining with their show, you can see it on this link.

Once again I did my Making Paper Didgeridoos workshop and it was a success! Lots of people showed up either to watch or to participate in the activity and this comes to show that the interest in the didgeridoo is growing! German, portuguese, italian, french, spanish people gathered around toilet paper rolls to create their own instruments!

Some really nice instruments were born on this day and new relationships were created. The success of this workshop is not the 12 new didgeridoos but the 30 happy faces that gather around this wonderful instrument.

Thank you guys for your attention during the workshop, hope you enjoy the photos.

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