Recording my EP

12 years, a big passion, one didgeridoo enthusiast, 5 songs + 1 remix, one musician invited for the electronic part of the songs, two cultural groups involved in production and recording.
A heartfelt thank you to all the people who are making this project possible!
Didgeridoos by Rodrigo Viterbo
Electronics by Dj Deão
Recording and Mastering by Rui Oliveira from d’Orfeu
Support by Fértil
 Day starts with sharing some of the homework previously done
 Talking about microphone placement and the desired sound
 Mic selection
 Checking and sharing thoughts and ideas
 Fon fon, is this on?
 How about it?
 Contact microphone
 Happy faces in the end of the day
Even happier after good food and good wine!

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