A special didgeridoo went away today 1

A special friend came to take a special didgeridoo! Rui came to spend the day for intensive workshop and I was sharing with him loads of information didgeridoo: traditional, players, styles, kinds of instruments, etc etc! He also wanted a second didgeridoo for his work so he connected with this special instrument that has been […]

Two didgeridoos gone 2

Today was a day of two separations and two new relationships! Fernando and Carlos came to choose their new didgeridoos. They are starting their relationships with their didgeridoos and for me it was again a separation from two creations, but for a good cause! Fernando is studying in Coimbra and has been playing didgeridoo for […]

My ETSY shop just launched!

I just launched my ETSY shop. I believe it is a great worldwide marketplace to be because of the overall quality of the works showcased there. By creating my shop with them I expect to share my instruments with didgeridoo enthusiasts from all over the world. You can visit the shop on the link I […]