Dj Deao

Onda de Pressão – new music, finally out!

New project, new music – out now! It is with great pleasure that we release our new EP, Restolhar. This is the work from a new project Onda de Pressão. What started as a solo collaboration with Dj Deão, ended as a project from both! It’s a work that narrates the story of a didgeridoo […]

Mais algumas imagens de Julho

Faltava partilhar 3 momentos especiais deste mês que acabou! O workshop de construção de didgeridoos de papel no PazPazes com a turma do DidgeridooTriboo, 4 alunos muito empenhados e divertidos que estiveram a construir os seus didgeridoos de papel!  O workshop de didgeridoo no Fórum Fronteiras Urbanas onde estivemos a captar sons para o EP que […]

Recording my EP

12 years, a big passion, one didgeridoo enthusiast, 5 songs + 1 remix, one musician invited for the electronic part of the songs, two cultural groups involved in production and recording. A heartfelt thank you to all the people who are making this project possible! Didgeridoos by Rodrigo Viterbo Electronics by Dj Deão Recording and Mastering […]