Paper didgeridoo in a didgeridoo festival

This year was avery special FATT Festival edition for me! First because I went with the project Artiva-te for a show in a stage where Wild Marmalade, Señor Markusen, Zalem et Adele, Khayalan Trio and other great artists was passing by. After 8 months since they first heard about the didgeridoo, these teenagers went on […]

Brasil – didgeridoos de papel

I was very happy to find out that Rafael from Yajé Arte used the paper didgeridoos technique in his hometown São Paulo, Brasil. Rafael is a growing didgeridoo professional and he has been pushing a lot for the growth of the didgeridoo in Brasil. Thank you for sharing this text and images Rafael! “Desde que comecei […]

Paper copy – second post

Today I went to check the result of the work published on the previous post… The material was strong on the part that weren’t damaged, PVA seemed not to be perfect to glue this material, next time I will try to make a thinner shell, maybe just one layer of paper and then take it […]