Didgeridoo First Aid – Repairs Cracks & Fractures in your Didgeridoo

Today I would like to share a great post about didgeridoo repairs that appeared on The Didgeridoo Breath blog. Please note that this is their content and be sure to check out their website and projects! G’day you mob! Hopin’ you’re all having a whale of a time out there ☺ Today we want to […]

Mouthpiece repair

Today I was working on a didgeridoo made from a didgeridoo maker whose work I have been knowing more and more through the years: me. ehehehehe This didgeridoo was sold to a big friend that sold it later to another one. Now it came back to my hands to have a well deserved mouthpiece repair. […]

Concert in Vilnius and damaged Didgeridoo

Everything was arranged for my first visit and concert in Lithuania. The Portuguese-Lithuanian Cultural Association arranged everything with the Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro Akademija and my concert-seminar was scheduled for the 30 of November at 6:30pm. In Frankfurt I was trying to find my bag because it wouldn’t be nice to loose it on the day […]