Concert in Vilnius and damaged Didgeridoo

Everything was arranged for my first visit and concert in Lithuania. The Portuguese-Lithuanian Cultural Association arranged everything with the Lietuvos Muzikos ir Teatro Akademija and my concert-seminar was scheduled for the 30 of November at 6:30pm. In Frankfurt I was trying to find my bag because it wouldn’t be nice to loose it on the day […]

My next step

In the last years I have been making an effort to create a quality didgeridoo scene in Portugal that can support the growth and development of more didgeridoo musicians, builders and teachers at a professional level. With this in mind I have been hosting “how to play” workshops, “how to build” workshops, events with portuguese […]

Yidaki repair

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.Portuguese description below… Another repair, this time a famous instrument, the one that Renato from Olive Tree Dance uses in concert. Renato told me that this Yidaki was made by Djalu Gurruwiwi and it was in really bad shape due to the travels and some repairs previously made with beeswax. Renato asked […]

Oficina de Didgeridoos

É com muito gosto que deixo aqui umas imagens da minha nova oficina, em Almada. Apesar das gripes, do part-time, das aulas, workshops, festas, visitas à família e tudo o resto que me consome imenso tempo é para aqui que fujo sempre que posso para criar um novo didgeridoo ou melhorar outros já existentes. Aproveito […]