The Australia in Portugal Didgeridoo

Normally I don’t like to share photos during the process of didgeridoo construction but in this case I couldn’t resist!

I also don’t like to give names to didgeridoos but this one must be the Australia in Portugal didgeridoo!

This is a piece of olive wood that was kept for me for 2 years and then stayed about the same time in my hands waiting to be worked. Until these days I never thought too much about what to do from it, when I started working it I noticed that the bell shape would allow to have the Australia map shape so I couldn’t resist.

I call it Australia in Portugal because the map and the didgeridoo are symbols of Australia and olive wood trees are a very important part of portuguese economy because of the great olive oil we produce. Another funny fact is that is very popular to have names of tress in portuguese names and I do have the name Olive Wood (Oliveira) in my name!

This photos were taken after glueing both sides and coating on the inside but a lot of work is still required!

australia-in-portugal -2 australia-in-portugal-1 australia-in-portugal-3

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