The World of the Didgeridoo

What is a didgeridoo?
    Where does it come from?
Who were the people that created this instrument?
    How is it made?
        On what depends the sound it produces?
            Can it be made from other materials?
                Is it tuned?
                    Can it be played with other instruments?
                        Don’t they all have the same sound?
                            How can I play the didgeridoo?
                                Is it true that you can inhale and exhale at the same time?!?!
                                    If I play didgeridoo will I stop snoring?
This a small collection of the hundreds of questions people often ask me about didgeridoo. This concert-seminar was designed to be easily taken mostly to schools because I don’t need any technical resources and it can be done with big groups.
The activity suits both young children from 1 year old, teenagers and adults. I always adapt the length according to the age, the space, the group’s needs.
I love to do this because of the proximity to the audience.