Visit to Renova’s factory 28

I have been making paper didgeridoos for years!

Each time I am starting a workshop people ask me the same question:

Are you sponsored by Renova?

Renova is one of the most interesting portuguese brands. The brand was born in 1818 they started as paper producers in the spring of the river Almonda, in Torres Novas, in 1939.

Throughout the years they have been developing quality products made from paper. In 2005 they created the black toilet paper that has been a tremendous success since then.

Portuguese did it again: they reinvented something traditional and made sexy toilet paper!

I am not sponsored by Renova but I stand as firm ambassador of this brand that keeps innovating and producing quality!


So today I went to visit the factory and get to know the people behind this project that I admire and show them the paper didgeridoos that I’ve been doing. Here some images from this great day.

It was a pleasure to meet and discuss with Marketing Director Luís Saramago, the CEO Paulo Pereira da Silva and Logistics Director Fernando Monteiro.

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28 thoughts on “Visit to Renova’s factory

  • marcos andreu-gasol

    Hi Rodrigo!!

    Great to see that you are moving on ahead in your dreams!! I appreciate so much your determination and generosity to make this passion of yours (our passion indeed) reachable for everybody, everywhere!! Hope the Australian experience will bring you back all the effort, time and energy you have invested and you deserve!!!

  • hana

    Interesting story and photos Rodrigo. I love to see the back stage of products we use daily. Did Renova already conquered Australia ou is it up to you ?! It woudl be a great way to let Australians know about the sexiest toilet paper… by re-thinking didgeridoo… Everything IS possible.
    Czech R. / Portugal

  • Carlos Rebelo

    Renova is Portuguese?! This was me reading the post :S

    Having created an innovative 3D Marketing and Communication company (3Decide) is always fantastic to discover these very good examples of Portuguese companies that act on a worldscale and incorporate “pragmatic innovation” in their core, the one that actually works :P

    I have to propose a 360 interactive photos tour to them!! ;) It might seem a crazy idea but actually companies like Renova can benefit a lot by opening their doors and show what they are all about in innovative ways. Leaders go at the front!!

    I came in touch with your paper digeridoos at the last edition of the Andanças festival, you should get some of those extra long paper rolls for your next workshops, eheheh. Take care and keep the beat!

    • Viterbo Post author

      Hey Carlos, thank you for your words! You should definably contact them, maybe I can put you in touch with them. They are very opened to show the factory to visitors and they do it with (well deserved) pride.

  • Carlos Goncalves

    Hi Rodrigo!
    I think Renova could be a fantastic partner for you as you created the innovative didgeridoo made with toilet paper and this portuguese brand is also one the most innovative brands worldwide (it´s also a case study in universities like INSEAD).
    Good luck and keep up the good work!

  • João Ribeiro

    Excelente blog :) tinha conhecimento do desenvolvimento que a Renova tem vindo a fazer ao longo dos anos através de artigos que vou lendo…. Vou aproveitar o teu blog e partilhar no facebook e linkedin.

    Excelente estar em Inglês,assim terá mais alcance ( estou a viver-trabalhar na Alemanha) para que os contactos possam compreender a excelência das empresas portuguesas :)


  • Anse

    Hey Rodrigo,
    …uahaha, this is crazy! Never seen this paper before… Cool stuff. (I always wondered how they produce these cores. This one pic looks like the source for endless workshops… :-))
    Well, now I think I understand your obsession with paper rolls … Good material for Didges anyway but, I mean, hey, PINK! … who would have thought of that … ;-) I haven’t seen one of your Didges with a colored toilet paper finish like that, so I don’t know if you did it already, but I’d love to see one … Or multi colored… Can’t stop thinking …

    Good to see that you are so into it. Keep it going!
    Cheers, Anse

    • Viterbo Post author


      Next time you come to Portugal, we’ll go visit the factory, you’ll enjoy!

      Multi colored, maybe some day… Who knows?

  • Angélica Pinho

    What a great idea to make didgeridoos will toilet paper rolls! Perhaps with this, more persons can have the opportunity to play such a special instrument like didgeridoo, cause the common ones are quite expensive! As a Portuguese, being the first one using this technique, and joining Renova, a brand that we all know so well, is just marvelous! For sure lots of children will have a huge smile on their face, when finally they got the chance to play this wonderful instrument. I did some research about your project and I saw that you also teach them how to build them with paper rolls. I will follow your project and I’m glad Renova joined you. We Portuguese are living a controversial time, but in my opinion, this kind of projects bring us hope again. I wish you all the best on this journey, and I hope to see more news from you soon.

    • Viterbo Post author

      I totally second your words Angélica, Portugal is really living important times and we all have a say on them! Like you and your work for example…

  • Loïc Martin

    Hey Rodrigo my friend!!! This is really great, I wish so much that you’ll be able to get to Gove, because it means so much for us didje community and for the people of Arnhem land, people like you, with much love, passion and generosity, mate all the best and I hope until soon!!!
    Yo manymak!!

    • Viterbo Post author

      Thank you Loïc! You know we are doing everything to visit Yirrkala and work on a smaller distance between the origins of the didgeridoo and Portugal.

  • Marco de Abreu

    Rodrigo, que bela história – e eu a pensar que eras patrocinado pela Renova ? Vivi enganado estes anos todos… parabéns pela visita e pela visão