Wicked Tinkers – a Tribal Celtic Sound Explosion! 2

Wicked Tinkers is an american band that mixes the didgeridoo with the celtic drums and bagpipes.

They have been around for some years with their powerful sound.

In this video by WET Didgeridoo they have some fun with a bronze-age horn that is believed that was played similarly to the didgeridoo.

There is a very strong scene of medieval fairs in Portugal and some musicians that play on those fairs contact me because they want the exotic sound of the didgeridoo mixed with their compositions that use acoustic bag pipes and drums. Most of the time they find out that the didgeridoo is not a very portable and loud instrument so the Dord can be a good alternative as you can see in the video!

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2 thoughts on “Wicked Tinkers – a Tribal Celtic Sound Explosion!

  • Ali Isaac

    I really enjoyed your performance with the Irish Dord, and love the leather jacket worn with kilt look! Thank you for linking to my article The Dord Fian confusion, and good luck with your lively and blood-stirring music!

    • Viterbo Post author

      Thank you for your comment. It is not me playing in this video, I’m just sharing, I’m more of a didgeridoo player but I always was interested in the Dord. All the best and thank you for your contact!