Wood Didgeridoos

Wood has always been one of my favorites materials to work with!
The woods I use are normally found in the nature or come from urban tree trimmings.
In the photo you can see didgeridoos made from poplar, chestnut, ash, oak and grevillea but I have worked also with cherry, olive, alder and linden for example.
The mouthpieces are made with reclaimed woods or sculpted directly on the wood.
In these didgeridoos I take great care in tuning the drone and the toot, in the finishing and the overall instruments, they are for the serious musician and learner.
Please check my Etsy store to see what’s available at the moment in the Hardwood section.

RVLCD – Rodrigo Viterbo Low Cost Didgeridoos

I created this subgroup of wood didgeridoos having in mind the times we are living.
For many of my costumers it is very important to have a didgeridoo made by wood, with these didgeridoos I work with the exact same care in designing and crafting them, the only difference is the time I invest in finishing that is normally so time consuming. In this way I can create instruments with the same quality but with a much more interesting price!
The price is always the same so the costumers don’t have to select the instrument with the money criteria.
Please check my Etsy store to see what’s available at the moment in the RVLCD section.