World Rhythms for Didgeridoo Course

AJ Block from Didge Project are hosting an exciting program that you should know about. World Rhythms for Didgeridoo is a FREE online course that will show you exactly what it takes to develop a wide palate of musical rhythms on your instrument. Drawing on music from Africa, Cuba, Brazil and the Middle-East this class will get you connecting to your inner pulse and learning the key rhythmic elements syncopation and subdivision. Through a combination of video, audio and PDF worksheets you will be guided through a number of approaches to enhance your didgeridoo playing.

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World Rhythms for Didgeridoo Course with AJ Block

World Rhythms for Didgeridoo Course with AJ Block

Here’s what you’ll learn:
* How to develop a strong sense of time
* How to break down complex rhythms into easy counts
* Understanding and using theme and variation
* How to begin training for circular breathing
* The #1 secret to playing rhythmically on didgeridoo

Don’t have a didgeridoo handy? You do not need to have a didgeridoo to take this course. In fact, all musicians can benefit by learning these rhythms and applying them to their respective instruments.

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